Beak Speak

is our name for all the terms and lingo you’ll get to know and love here on campus. Studying this list will help you make the most of being a Roadrunner!


The time period (usually the first week of classes) allowing students to add or drop courses. See the academic calendar for specific dates each semester.

Advising Centers

Advisors are assigned to centers throughout the Main and Downtown Campuses.  Centers are grouped into several majors.  Advisors assist students with selecting classes for registration.  To find out which center advises your major check

Air Rowdy

Our wireless network here at UTSA. Learn more here.


An abbreviation for Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS 1203).  Designed especially for first-year students, this UTSA course explores the diverse ideas, values, and practices used within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences to investigate and create knowledge.


A student volunteer program organized by theWelcome Center designed to promote UTSA and interact with students, faculty, administrators, civic leaders, and organizations in the San Antonio area.


Automated Student Access Program; online computer system for all UTSA students to register and access student records and general information.

Birds Up!

This is what we do whenever we hear or say, “Birds Up!”: Open your hand with your palm facing away from you, as if you were telling someone to stop. Then, curl your first three fingers toward the center of your palm, leaving your thumb and little finger upright.


An online learning tool that is frequently used to support and/or supplement instruction. Learn more here.


UTSA undergraduate catalog; a publication containing information about University degree programs, regulations, policies, and course requirements.

Census Date

The last day to drop or withdraw from a course without a grade, choose the credit/no credit grading option, drop individual courses, and receive a partial refund. No refund will be given for dropping courses after this date.


An abbreviation for one of the UTSA-owned housing complexes. Chaparral Village houses 1,002 students in 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom furnished apartments.


UTSA is made up of 9 colleges: Colleges of Architecture, Business, Education & Human Development, Engineering, Honors, Liberal & Fine Arts, Public Policy, Sciences, and the Graduate College. The UTSA Catalog lists all majors by college. First year students begin in University College.


The Convocation Center, originally where all graduation ceremonies took place. Nowadays, an awesome UTSA sports venue.


An abbreviated term for the core curriculum; part of each student’s degree program that meets requirements common to all undergraduates.

Downtown Campus (DT)

UTSA campus, located at 501 Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. Classes available in the Buena Vista Street, Frio Street, Monterey, and Durango buildings.

Fiscal Services

The office where payment of a student’s tuition and fees is made.


First-Year Experience: the office that coordinates the Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS) classes, common classes along with the peer mentors, academic resources, and more.

Gateway Program

This retention program is designed to assist new, provisionally admitted freshmen succeed during their initial year at UTSA.


A restriction placed on your record by various offices that prevents you from registering for classes.

Honors College

A student who wishes to have enhanced educational opportunities may choose to be a part of the Honors College.


Instead of a grade at the end of the semester, a professor may give a student an “Incomplete” until the student has completed the missing assignment(s) or other work.

ITC (HemisFair Park Campus)

Institute of Texan Cultures, located at the UTSA Hemisfair Park Campus, is one of the three UTSA campuses.  The museum welcomes more than 300,000 visitors annually to view its exhibits about Texas history and culture.  Admission is free for UTSA students, faculty, and staff.


John Peace Library

Lower Division

Classes that are at the 1000 or 2000 level.


An academic building that houses some administrative offices.

Main Campus

Formerly called the UTSA 1604 Campus.


The McKinney Humanities Building houses multiple classrooms and offices and is named after esteemed donor Mary E. McKinney. It was named the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSS) until 2011.


Your myUTSA ID, formatted with three letters and three numbers, is your primary student ID at UTSA. You’ll need it to log into just about everything at UTSA including ASAP, the Air Rowdy wireless network, on-campus computers, Blackboard Learn, and more.


The North Paseo Building is an interdisciplinary academic building providing large classroom spaces, a series of flexible 25-person group learning rooms on the ground floor, research labs for computer and cyber security related studies, and a mixture of faculty offices and support functions.


Orientation Leaders are a highly trained group of students that work for the office of Orientation and Family Programs.

One Stop Enrollment Center

A one-stop solution for resolving many tasks related to enrolling and paying for your UTSA education, including questions related to Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar.

Park West

UTSA multi-sport complex located just west of main campus.


An abbreviated term for prerequisites, which are stated for all courses in the catalog and list the background expected of all students in the course.

The Rec

Our nickname for one of the most popular spots on the main campus – the UTSA Recreation and Wellness Center.


Office that maintains students’ academic records (i.e. Official and Unofficial transcripts)

Roadrunner Camp

A two-day traditions camp for freshmen held the week before fall classes begin.

Roadrunner Days

A series of events for all new and returning students.

The Roost

A game room open to all enrolled students at UTSA, located on the second floor of the H-E-B Student Union across the center bridge. The Roost offers pool, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, board games and 6 different gaming systems.


This is the name given to our Roadrunner mascot.  You can see Rowdy at many events on campus and athletic events.


Online source for discovering unique opportunities at UTSA.


Registered Student Organization.

Schedule of Classes

An online tool that contains class listings and important academic information for each semester.


The official voice of the student body is the Student Government Association.  There are appointed and elected officers/chairs that make up the decision-making organization.


The Student Leadership Center which hosts several programs and events to enhance students leadership skills including the annual LeaderShape© Institute.

Study Days

Designated study days before final examinations where classes do not meet.


The Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band.

Student Union

The UTSA Student Union is the focal point for events, meetings, dining and relaxation for the UTSA community.


The class agenda and instructor policies regarding grading and testing.


The covered patio area attached to the John Peace Library (JPL). Sombrilla means umbrella in Spanish.


Tomás Rivera Center for Student Success; houses tutoring and other retention programs.


Student Union programming includes these FREE movies for students every Friday night and Saturday night during the fall and spring semesters.  Movies are typically titles available before release on DVD.


Classes that are at the 3000 or 4000 level.


Your official university identification card.


Volunteer Organization Involving Community Education and Service.


Dropping all courses and no longer attending the University for the remainder of the semester. Students receiving financial aid must submit withdrawal form in person to the One Stop Enrollment Center.