Creed, Alma Mater, Fight Song

As Roadrunners, we show our spirit throughout the year in many different ways, but it’s important to have the basics down, so here you go!

UTSA Creed & Shield

“Now and forever, I am a Roadrunner!”

The Roadrunner Creed

As a Roadrunner, I will:

  • Uphold the highest standards of academic and personal integrity by practicing and expecting fair and ethical conduct;
  • Respect and accept individual differences, recognizing the inherent dignity of each person;
  • Contribute to campus life and the larger community through my active engagement; and
  • Support the fearless exploration of dreams and ideas in the advancement of ingenuity, creativity, and discovery.

Guided by these principles Now and forever, I am a Roadrunner!

UTSA Alma Mater

From the hills of oak and cedar
To the Alamo
Voices raised will echo
As, in song, our praises flow
Hail Alma Mater!
Through the years our loyalty will grow
The University of Texas
San Antonio

U-T-S-A Cheer Being Taught During Graduation

U-T-S-A Cheer Being Taught During Orientation

UTSA Fight Song

Go, Roadrunners, Go!
On to vict’ry with all your might.
Fight, Roadrunners, Fight!
For the Blue and the Orange and the White.
We fight for U-T-S-A
Alma Mater proud and strong.
Win, Roadrunners, Win!
And unite in our battle song.
(Repeat for second verse)

Birds Up! by Nate in blue shirt

Birds Up!

The Roadrunner Hand Sign – Birds Up!

Make by opening your hand with your palm facing away from you, as if you were telling someone to stop. Then, curl your first three fingers toward the center of your palm, leaving your thumb and little finger upright. This is what we do whenever we hear or say, “Birds Up!”