What is Roadrunner Days?

Roadrunner Days is the period of time after the opening of the Residence Halls and through the first week of classes. These events are designed to help you get acquainted with campus, with other students, with staff and faculty, and with UTSA’s resources, opportunities and expectations.

Do I have to attend Roadrunner Days events?

All new and returning students are strongly encouraged to participate in Roadrunner Days events. It is the best way to meet people, learn how to navigate your way around campus, and discover campus resources that will help you be successful at UTSA.

What type of events are going on during Roadrunner Days?

Roadrunner Days is filled with a variety of events to ease a new student’s transition, and to welcome back continuing students. Activities include ice cream socials, lunch/dinners, games/activities, t-shirt giveaways, spirit and tradition events, first-year truth sessions, and community service projects.

Do people really go to Roadrunner Days events?

YES! These events have been designed to help you feel more connected with others, with UTSA, and with the San Antonio Community. Many of the events have become traditions that you don’t want to miss!

Why should I go to events?

Go because you want to meet other Roadunners. Go because you want to feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Go because college can be scary and this whole program is about helping you be successful at UTSA. Go because you want to learn about what resources and opportunities UTSA has to offer. Go because the faculty and academic programs at UTSA will change your life. Go for the food, prizes and free stuff you may find along the way. Whatever your motivation—go to Roadrunner Days events. You will be glad you did!

If I’m a transfer student, which Roadrunner Days events should I attend?

Transfer students are invited to attend all Roadrunner Days events. However, a few events are designed specifically for transfer students.

Are students’ families allowed at Roadrunner Days?

Roadrunner Days is designed for new students to learn about UTSA and the programs and services offered to support student academic success. It is a time to meet new friends and make connections in our Roadrunner community. Families are encouraged to attend Residence Hall Move-In, Welcome Back Party and SOSA Premiere performance.

For family activities throughout the year, visit utsa.edu/family.

What else should I know?

If you have any questions about Roadrunner Days, UTSA, or the San Antonio community don’t hesitate to contact engaged@utsa.edu with any questions or concerns.

If you are living in the residence halls, your Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Director or Complex Coordinator are great resources to help you be successful at UTSA.