Welcome Drive

Welcome Drive - Saturday, August 29 – 6 p.m., start at Brackenridge Lot 5, enter via UTSA Blvd. near University Oaks

Join us for a guided drive through campus! During this experience, you will get to hear about campus traditions, see landmarks, and learn about all the campus areas that contribute to your success as a roadrunner.

Ready to come to campus? We wish to ensure that everyone's experience is engaging, informative, and safe during the days of COVID-19.

As such, please note a few ground rules for the day of:

  • Arrive at the event with only individuals you have been isolating with during the last few weeks of quarantine in your vehicle.
  • If you are not driving to the event in your own car (live on campus, taking public transit, etc.) we will have a shuttle to take people around campus (social distancing and masks will be required on the shuttle).
  • Please make sure to bring your own face covering or mask, as these items are required to be worn at check-in, on the shuttle (if you are utilizing it) and if you need to get out of your vehicle at any time.
  • Please plan to stay in your vehicle throughout out this roughly half hour event - note, most restrooms on campus will be closed on the event day.
  • While driving in your own vehicle we ask that you stay on the specified route, maintain a speed no greater than 5mph, and that you keep moving through the route without stopping or slowing down to speak with those along the route.
  • The tour route will start at the Breckenridge Ave 5 entrance off of UTSA Blvd - you will not be able to enter the campus through any other entrance as they will be blocked for the tour. The tour will exit onto 1604 from Peace Circle Drive.

Stay tuned for additional information on the tour route and the podcast app needed to play the guided tour as you go.

Welcome Drive map
Welcome Drive map

Participating Departments